Can You Be A Distance Runner Tomorrow?

Bob Davidson, 70 years young

Bob Davidson, 70 years young

Have you heard the latest news concerning running and arthritis? 

If not, here is the latest science according to a study by Ross Miller, assistant professor of kinesiology at the University of Maryland.

“Running causes arthritis and ruins knees is a myth. Distance running is unlikely to contribute to the development of arthritis “ according to Miller.

According to the study, people who do not have arthritis or joint issues can safely run without the worry of an arthritic future. Great news for distance runners! The key factor is your health BEFORE you start running! 

Arthritis Free = Distance Running can happen for you

Congrats to everyone who can begin the journey of becoming a distance runner. Arthritis patients you still need to be careful and protect your joints. Sorry!  Walking, bicycling, and other low-impact exercises are still your best friend. The silver lining to this new study is you can ride your bicycle beside your “healthy” friends while they take up distance running.

Good Luck and remember, the glass is always half FULL!


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