Enjoy Your Holidays While On Crutches

Spending your holidays on crutches is not ideal and basically horrible, but there are some things you can do to make it more enjoyable and help you make the most of your time with your family and friends.


Here’s a few tips I’ve gathered from my own experience and others:

  • Remain Thankful – be it family, friends, good medical care, or good health, we can find things for which we are and should be thankful.  Focusing on the positive and finding gratitude will lighten your load.
  • Stick to Your Schedule – Take your meds and do your exercises. Keep your health and healing the priority. Your family will understand.  If you need rest, be strong and take it.
  • Don’t Overdo it – getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of holiday activities will wear you out.   If you are feeling tired and the party is still going strong, take care of yourself and call it a night.  Don’t risk a recovery setback, or be too tired later and have to miss a future event(s).
  • Stick with Healthy Foods – yes, they are not fun and holiday treats are so delightful, but don’t over indulge.  You need to stick with healthy options as often as possible to fuel your healing body with the nutrients it needs.
  • Stay Off Your Feet – don’t push yourself by being up and about all the time. Be sure to take some time to elevate your foot/leg when possible.
  • Don’t Make the Feast – take this opportunity to bow out of making the big meal.  It will take you much longer than others AND zap your energy.  Let your family and friends know well in advance that you can’t do it this you.  Some one else can take over. If it’s not as you would have done it / perfect, there is always next year. Plus, everybody needs something to laugh about later. 
  • Accept Help – Most of us enjoy being self-reliant.  It’s frustrating to be on crutches and deal with extra limitations.  Most people would jump at the chance to help you. Let them. It makes the other person feel better about your situation. Look at it this way:  If my friend or family member were in my position, I would want and expect to help them.  If you reverse it and look at it that way it can be easier to accept help. 
  • Deck Them Out – if you are inspired, deck out your crutches for the holidays!  I’ve seen them wrapped in garland, red and green ribbon with big red bows, striped with holiday colored duck tape (don’t recommend, may leave sticky after), even with jingle bells attached.  It will hopefully keep you in the holiday spirit and brighten your attitude each time you use them.  It’s also likely you will make those around you smile and remember, everybody needs a big smile during the stressful holidays!