To Christmas Card or Not?

The most creative "Merry Christmas" card I`ve ever seen! Love it


     This year I’m considering NOT sending out Christmas Cards.  I know, it doesn’t really seem like that radical of a move, but for some reason it feels like it is.  Often, the only way I keep in touch with some families I love is through the holiday card.  I know, you are wondering how close I really am to them if we are down to communicating primarily through this ritual.  

     As most of you know, once your life becomes busier with work, kids, their school, and all the events that come with it – you really do lose touch with some great peopleIt’s geography and time. Some of my favorite people had kids at my kids’ school. I would see them daily in the parking lot or at school events for years.  Once their kids moved on, we weren’t hanging out in the parking lot together anymore.  Does it mean I don’t love and care for them anymore?  Of course not! We just aren’t at the same place/time anymore.  Ditto for family members that live far away.  We always have fun when together, but don’t communicate much otherwise.

Problems TO NO HOLIDAY CARD move:

  • Will everyone think they didn’t make my list this year and that they have fallen out of favor?

  • Will I get dropped from everyone’s list for next year (gotta give to get)?


Bonus to NO HOLIDAY CARD move:

  • No need for the scheduling, finding the perfect clothing, and making sure everyone is in a good mood for the dreaded holiday photo

  • Save TIME & MONEY. It takes a LONG time to address each of those cards.  There was a time, long ago, when the affordable Costco card sufficed.  Now, I’m sucked in to all very fun and creative cards to be found online, and they are no Costco bargain!

  • My hands will no longer suffer from the pain of all those envelopes.

Awesome and creative Christmas card ideas.
     As I’m writing this, I’m figuring out my decision.  As much as it simply sucks up time and money, I TRULY LOVE getting everyone else’s cards, and yes, even reading the “Christmas Letters” that many dread. So, for now I’m still a sucker for sending holiday cards.  Maybe I’m still early enough to get the discount for my online card order if I pull it together this week. Wish me luck!

Christina, Crutch Caps Inc team member

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