Temporary Crutch Use = Handicap Parking Eligibility


I have severe rheumatoid arthritis, which is what led me to create this company (“necessity is the mother of invention”). I am sustaining fairly well right now and getting around without huge problems.  But, my history with crutches/wheelchairs, and the population our company serves,  prompted me to outline some information on getting a Handicap Parking placard. 

Many of you could benefit from this.  If you are not able to drive, you can get this to display in the car of those driving you (My husband has one for when I am riding with him). This will immediately reduce the hardship of your situation. Plus, it is like a little piece of the stars to help you live a more “normal” life.

Often people eligible for this benefit don’t realize it, or are afraid they don’t appear eligible to others. They don’t want to been seen as an abuser.  If you are eligible, please, make use of this accommodation made available for you. At first, I was embarrassed to use my placard, but I quickly realized it was a lifesaver! Now I can go to concerts, sporting events and even movies without extreme pain from the long walk to the event.

 This benefit will also save you energy and we all know our energy is limited while we are in pain! The less work you have to put in walking to your destination will help you get through extra errands, appointments or activities without wearing yourself out shortly after arriving and trying to make it inside.  This means you can actually pay attention without trying to hide your pain. Also, if you are not tired, you can better focus on doing something fun later in the day. 

 The application is easy. Just give it to your doctor to sign and take it to your local DMV. They will issue the placard immediately. Then you can be on your way to saving energy and reducing unbearable pain.


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