Friends with Crutches

ImageThanks Daily Mail. Serena Williams on crutches

Having spent  a TON OF TIME ON CRUTCHES, my friends were very helpful, but many sincerely didn’t know what they could do to help.  If you have a friend that is on crutches, for how ever long, there are some great things you can do to bring a smile to their face.

1. Offer to do some driving for them.  This could be running to the grocery store, picking up their kids from school, for just taking them for a drive to get out of the house for a bit with a friend.  We love Sonic happy hour – big limeades at half price!

2. Make her a favorite meal – go get the ingredients, prepare it and clean up.  Yum!  Cooking on crutches is tough, trying to carry, manage foods while standing and holding on to crutches is IMPOSSIBLE!!

3. Get a list of books they’ve been wanting to read and make a library run for them. Seriously, bed rest gets old QUICK!

4. Walk their dog. Beware: you will need to clean up the poop too 🙂

5. Clean their house/do laundry.  I know it doesn’t sound fun, but imagine trying to do it while on crutches. Resting is boring and you definitely notice what’s awry in your house. Then comes the guilt! EASY OPTION: get some friends together and pitch in for a couple of visits from a cleaning service.

6. Create several low-key social outings. Again, sitting at home is boring! IDEAS: Big dinner with friends at your house, movie rentals, coffee dates, manicures (pamper those hard working crutch-managing hands), maybe a pedicure.


Crutches are major energy users. Let her know it’s okay to take time – better safe than risk another injury!

If you are going out on a physical outing with a group, ask your friend because she is BORED! Be sure to let her know it is fine to skip or go. No pressure! 

Your friend on crutches is dealing with an overload of emotions and pain. I can still remember everyone who visited me in the hospital, brought dinners, took me different places in the city and those who just hung out with me. They cared and that has meant the world to me. I will always stop my day/night to help them and your friend will too.

Be safe!


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