We are so excited to be kicking off our new blog!  We would love to hear back from you, so please post your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions!
While considering what to blog about first, I ran across a friend’s Facebook post this morning.  His son has just started high school football, and is suffering his first potential sidelining injury.

That led me to this subject – kids fall sports and their injuries.

Many of your kids will be trying new sports for the first time, or maybe taking it to a new level – such as premier, club or dipping their toes into the big pool of high school sports.   Our Crutch Caps team consists of parents and we share many of your concerns. In fact, one of our teams kids is in already in a sling, first week of school.   While we will be around to ease any crutch pain from injuries, we would prefer your kids to stay healthy and strong!

This is a great article – very thorough and informative on childhood sports injuries and prevention, even includes a breakdown of most of the most common childhood sports.

Happy Friday!


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